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To our valued customers and partners,

Many of life’s most joyous occasions are celebrated with food.

I believe that every day is a reason to celebrate, and this was with me sometime before my idea and passion for sweets and treats became reality.

When we opened our first DOT.SUGAR store in 2018 in Amman. where I wanted to combine my passion for dessert, knowledge of baking and love for bringing people together at the table and creating memories

Everything made at DOT.SUGAR is a product of love and designed to tickle your taste buds and dazzle your senses in a place where anyone can feel welcome.

We take great pride in our company, commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. At DOT.SUGAR we are constantly looking for ways to capture that eye-widening joy that comes from biting into every product we make with invitation for celebrating sweets that molded our happiest occasions.

Hamzah Khader


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